A Visual Reflection

My professional life is feeling quite full at the moment, but there is a blog post in the making (actually probably several) – it’s just brewing for a bit longer. However I do want to share some of the awesome things that have been going on at school lately, so today, may I present Term One Thus Far: A Visual Reflection:


Syndicate Fitness

Syndicate Fitness: It’s been awesome to have such great weather that we can get outside every day to work on our fitness. The efforts have been very impressive.

Stage Challenge has been a BIG focus and will continue to be until mid-term 2. It’s all coming together well and the students have been awesome. Especially the student leaders (rehearsal leaders and student director). It’s also been fantastic to have 5 year 9s from the College next door come back and work with our students and support the leaders.


Rehearsal leader taking students through a warm up sequence.

Seriously Stage Challenge is starting to get pretty all consuming…


We really, really do!

These girls (and boys) are awesome. Even when I’m tired or stressed these students are amazing to work with and totally make my day.


Stage Challenge rehearsals.


I love seeing how engaged my students are in their learning, and how much they love getting out of the classroom/desks to try something practical and different.


Code breakers in action!

I had the first two days of the TPDL (Teacher Professional Development Languages) programme last weekend and loved it. So now the German study needs to get a whole lot more serious!


Get your German on.

I also love that I work in a school where this is possible. Best way to introduce a topic EVER! (And yes that’s me top left – new look maybe?)


World War One Basic Training: A Practical Demonstration

And finally just to reinforce how awesome my school is and what a weird and wonderful group of teachers I work with, sometimes they dress up like this:


The Moemoea Crocodiles





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