About Teaching on the Wind

Wellington, a city that has long been famous for its wild wind, is the place I’ve chosen to make my home. It’s one of the things I loved about the place when I first moved here, and something I still love about the city. Walking in the wind has always been my favourite way to clear my head and process my life, so it seemed appropriate that a reflective blog might build on that idea. It’s also a fitting metaphor both for what is means to be a middle years teacher and for the way I connect with other educators – through tweets on the wind and blog posts sent soaring to the skies. So Teaching on the Wind is my journey of what it means to be a connected middle years teacher.

About Brie

I’m a year 7/8 teacher at a super-awesome intermediate in Wellington. As well as being a classroom teacher, I also run our dance programme, coach the aerobics team, and work with our school journalists. You could say I like to have my fingers in a lots of pies… So on that note, I’m taking on the challenge this year of  developing e-learning at school, which is an awesome excuse to indulge my technological and pedagogical geekery.

In my spare time, I teach dance, blog, spend more time than I should on twitter and instagram, hangout with my family and get my craft on with my smashbook. You can also find me on twitter @dancewellnz, on Linkedin and at my dance blog Dance Well.

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