Professional Bookshelf

I love to read, so here is my ever expanding professional bookshelf:


Future-focused Pedagogies

Hipkins, R., Bolstad, R., Boyd, S., and McDowall, S. (2014). Key Competencies for the Future. NZCER Press: New Zealand




Relationship Building

Faber, A. and Mazlish, E. (1995). How to Talk so Kids can Learn. Picadilly Press: London, UK



Benke, K. (2010). Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing. Trumpter: London, UK



East, M. (2012). TBLT in New Zealand: Curriculum renewal. In Task-based language teaching from the teachers’ perspective. (pp. 19-47). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Ellis, R. (2005). Instructed second language acquisition: A literature review. Wellington, NZ: Ministry of Education.

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