Something for the Week

Currently reading and loving this book – The Art of Belonging

This book looks interesting too.

Danielle: “why, when there are so many unsolved problems in the world, do we waste smart, insightful, creative students’ time with meaningless work?”

I’ve been exploring Hauora with my students this week, only to discover Steve has also been doing the same.

This on natural learning ecosystems.

Mindfulness improves maths scores according to Time.

Steal Like an Artist.

Great post from Stephanie about future focused teacher education.

The key to success is Grit .

Something for the Week

Oops! It’s Tuesday night and I’m just publishing this now…. Nevertheless here are some interesting educational goodies from my meanderings around the internet over the last week.

Modern Learning Environments in NZ Schools – 3 excellent Case Studies

I’ve been hearing great things about this book – #EdJourney by Grant Lichtman

14 things that are obsolete in 21st century classrooms

Exploring ‘grit’ and growth mindsets with yr 7 and 8 – Kerri Thompson

I really want to read this book

Former colleague/tutor teacher, Jason Ataera talks about leading change within schools

Something for the Week

Something for the week – a collection of awesome education-related things I’ve come across on the web in the past week.


I Only Understand the Train Station: 40 wonderful idioms from other languages

It’s promising to be an exciting year with WellyEd this year.

A new approach to home learning to try – via Stephanie

I’ve long followed the practice of choosing a word for the year personally, but never thought to do it professionally – but I will now thanks to this.

Star Wars mathematics? I’m there.

Awesome to see some innovative teaching being featured in local papers.






Something for the Week

There’s a blog I love (completely non-education related) that does a feature called Something for the Weekend every week. It’s just a random collection of things the woman running the blog has come across on the web that she wants to share with her readers. I read so much on the internet and there are so many things I save and love, but they usually spend a long time sitting in Pocket waiting to become blogs and often never actually do. So I thought – something for the week – a collection of awesome education-related things I’ve come across on the web in the past week.




This talk from Seth Godin on the Power of Tribes (which inspired this blog post)

A day of design thinking from @geomouldey

Mastering Mobile Photography

This beautiful vision of teaching and learning from @sherrattsam

A new way to learn langauges – a big hit with my students

And finally, I’m in love with the new Hyperlapse app from Instagram