Setting Goals

Every year as part of our teacher development and appraisal process at school, we set professional goals. These link back to our school-wide curriculum goals in Maths and English. We haven’t sat down as a staff yet to work on our own goals, however we are starting to work with our students on their personal goals. Which got me thinking about my own goals for the year.

I did a lot of thinking about goals and things I wanted to focus on this year over the summer, so I already had a fair idea of what my goals would be. Of course there are the things which come with the responsibilities I have – implement Google Apps for Education, run a successful Stage Challenge, and there are the smaller initiatives that I want to try in class, but in terms of pedagogical practice, I have 3 big ones.

I could (and will) commit to these on paper with my colleagues, but there is something about blogging these goals and my progress towards them that seems more authentic. So without further ado, here they are:


Maths: Provide creative and project based learning opportunities for students within mathematics to increase students’ engagement in mathematics.

English: Provide meaningful audiences for students’ writing by integrating GAFE and blogging into our classroom programme to increase students’ engagement in English

Pedagogy: Develop and extend my understanding of Kaupapa Maori theories of education and integrate these within my teaching practice, focusing on whakawhanaungatanga and taonga tuku iho.


Obviously these need breaking down into smaller chunks, which will be my next step.